Project developed in partnership with Oddlight, a company I collaborate with. Oddlight is a Studio based in Aveiro, Portugal who works mainly with 3d Modelling and Visualization (archviz). As they grow as a business, they wanted to promote their work and their services in the online world, so they decided to create a website that features their best work and a blog to discuss and talk about the digital world.

As this is a company that wanted to live within the internet and within screens, we’ve opted to make the website dark to be more eye friendly. Their homepage features images of their most relevant projects in a way that we can see the beauty and the details of the spaces (architecture). They are a studio that are constantly experimenting new formats so it was important to develop a page where it is shown the result of these experiments. This was not an easy task as we needed to combine so many formats in the same place.

  • Year
    • 2022
  • Sector
    • Design Studio
  • Client
    • Oddlight
  • Partner
    • Oddlight
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